Everything You Need to Know About the InVision Digital Dash

In the vast landscape of the automotive history, we’ve witnessed the creation of thousands of car and truck makes, models, and engine types. Amidst this rich tapestry, AutoMeter introduced the 12.3″ Universal InVision dash panel (model #7000), designed to transform your vehicle’s dashboard into a captivating centerpiece, especially when a direct-fit dash option isn’t readily available.

Our Universal InVision dash panel is a comprehensive system that offers a high degree of customization. You have the freedom to select from four distinct user screens, configure visual and audible alarms to your preferences, and seamlessly transition between imperial and metric measurements. All these adjustments are effortlessly executed using the included joystick, keeping fingers (and fingerprints) off the display and ensuring your focus remains on the road.For a more in-depth understanding of the Universal InVision Dash, we invite you to explore our informative highlight video: AutoMeter InVision Universal Digital Dash

Do you have a vehicle with an LS, diesel, or an OBDll-based engine? AutoMeter makes it easy to install InVision on just about any application with our kits and modules tailored to make your InVision dash seamlessly integrate with your vehicle. The even better news is, these products are not limited to InVision, but can also work on a variety of AutoMeter gauges too. 

LS Install Kit (5284)

The AutoMeter LS installation kit includes the necessary adapters for oil pressure and water temperature, as well as resistors for the tach signal (when needed), all accompanied by detailed installation instructions.

LS Plug-In Play (9123)

This Plug-and-Play solution allows you to easily obtain a tach signal from your LS swap when no existing signal is available. The OEM spec connectors and wiring assures a hassle-free installation that takes minutes rather than hours to set up your InVision tach signal. 

GPS Module (5289)

The GPS speedometer interface is an easy way to get a speedometer signal when no existing speed sensor is available for your application. It has a simple 3-wire hookup to complete your InVision installation. 

Diesel Tach (9112)

Even our diesel customers can use our InVision display with the AutoMeter Diesel Tach Adaptor. This compact and easy-to-install module will allow you to quickly adapt AutoMeter InVision Digital Dash on your alternator-equipped diesel or non-standard ignition gasoline engine. 

CAN Bridge (9113)

The CAN Bridge from AutoMeter is the ideal solution to streamline adding an InVision LCD dash to OBDll-based engine and vehicle platforms (2008+). It can have six total channels – tachometer, speedometer, fuel level (0-90 ohm only), temp, pressure (*oil pressure PID usually unavailable, and oil pressure will require a sender), and volts.