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Download the latest software available for your data acquisition product here. We make sure to continually update and revise the software to provide the best software on the market.

Newest Version

DataPro Software Version 7.7.8

DataPro software offers the ability to store and retrieve racing data in a “Racing Log Book”. Import existing paper logbooks into the data base. Runs can be retrieved automatically using the log book search “engine”. Search for past runs by one or up to 18 different categories such as corrected altitude, ET’s, MPH, track location, date, and more. As runs are retrieved, important set-up information can be viewed or graphed. DataPro Analysis Software comes standard with the LCD Competition Dash, Ultra-Lite Pro Data Acquisition Systems and the Pro-Comp Pro MFDL.

System requirements:

XP service pack 3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 32 or 64 bit

Previous versions: Download v7.7.8

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