AutoMeter’s 35-Year Partnership with Monster Jam: Powering the Beast Behind the Wheels

At AutoMeter, we take pride in our longstanding commitment to providing high-performance instrumentation solutions. For over three decades, we’ve been a proud partner of Monster Jam, a world-renowned company that hosts electrifying monster truck competitions. Our partnership with Monster Jam has not only stood the test of time but has also evolved into a testament of our dedication to delivering top-notch gauges for the monstrous machines that take center stage at these events.

A Journey That Began with Grave Digger:

Our remarkable 35-year journey with Monster Jam started with none other than the legendary Dennis Anderson and his iconic monster truck, Grave Digger. This partnership marked the inception of a collaboration that would go on to define excellence in the world of monster truck instrumentation.

Outfitting the Monster Jam Fleet:

At AutoMeter, we’ve made it our mission to provide state-of-the-art products that can withstand the harsh environment and intense G-forces experienced by monster trucks. To ensure peak performance and safety, the Monster Jam fleet relies on a range of our products:

3906 Tachometer

4433 Water Temperature Gauge

4423 Oil Pressure Gauge

4491 Volt Gauge

WP3 Water Pump

A Spectacle Witnessed by Millions:

Monster Jam is not just another motorsport; it’s a thrilling spectacle that captivates audiences worldwide. With over 4.5 million people attending Monster Jam events annually, our products play a pivotal role in ensuring the monster truck’s peak performance and the safety of both drivers and spectators alike.

We are honored to be a part of this incredible journey, providing the tools that power the beasts behind the wheels of these larger-than-life monster trucks. We are excited to continue innovating and ensuring that the Monster Jam experience remains as electrifying as ever. Thank you for being a part of this thrilling ride with us, and stay tuned for more high-performance updates from AutoMeter!