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Installation Support

AutoMeter's gauges are only as good as the installation. Make sure your gauge is installed right and works correctly with our installation support.


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    Find product manuals and wiring diagrams for your Auto Meter product.

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    2003 GM Duramax Boost, EGT, and Transmission Temp

    2003 GM Duramax Boost, EGT, and Transmission Temp

    Here we installed a GM Factory Match transmission temp, boost, and EGT (pyrometer) on a tow truck equipped with the Chevy/GMC Duramax.


Tech Videos

  • AutoMeter GPS Speedometer Installation and Usage

    We've been getting a lot of calls and questions on our new GPS speedometers lately, so we got to work putting together a video showing how easy they are to install and operate. We've used a marine speedometer in this instance, though the technology and operation is exactly the same in the automotive line.

  • AutoMeter Wideband Air/Fuel Tuning

    Dyno Tuning with an AutoMeter Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge. Our Lightning needed a kick in the pants, and the boys at Anderson Ford Motorsports were happy to oblige. Check out the monster burnout at the end! For more info, hit us up at facebook.com/AutoMeterProductsInc

  • Calibrating Your AutoMeter Electric Speedometer- HD

    Need to calibrate your AutoMeter speedo? This video shows the quick and easy procedure to get it done. More videos on this channel or at facebook.com/AutoMeterProductsInc

  • How Much Current Do My AutoMeter Gauges Draw?

    What size fuse do my gauges need? We get this question a lot. Let's measure the current draw of our entire set in operation and see what the real world answer is.

  • How To Fix A Bouncy Tach Needle

    Some ignition systems are electronically noisier than others. While proper grounding of the tach and routing of the signal wire go a long way towards preventing this, sometimes it's not enough. Follow along with the AutoMeter crew as we remedy this problem. NOTHING besides the steps we took in the video were done. The results are 100% real.

  • Mechanical Temp Gauge Installation

    Looking to install a traditional mechanical temp gauge on your vehicle? This video details a typical installation into an intake manifold and some of the common mistakes we hear about on the AutoMeter techline,

  • AutoMeter Diesel Tachometers

    No spark plugs? No problem. The Auto Meter 2888 and 3788 diesel tachs will work out of the box with your diesel engine. Using a small inductive pickup strapped to the alternator, these units are easily calibrated to read rpm quickly and accurately (just as you'd expect from and AutoMeter tach).

  • Basic Tach Installation

    Looking to install an AutoMeter tach on your vehicle? Take a look at this quick video to show how a basic tach installation is done on most vehicles.

  • How to Test a 2 Wire Speed Sender

    Need to test the output of a 2 wire style speed sender? This quick video will show you the exact process using a standard multimeter.

  • How to Test a 3 Wire Speed Sender

    Looking to test your 3 wire, hall effect style speed sender? Look no further. Here is a simple guide to testing the output of your sender using a standard multimeter.

  • Basic Water Temp Gauge Installation

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Fuel Level Gauges

    We get a disproportionate number of calls regarding selecting, installing and troubleshooting fuel level gauges. With a little background knowledge, these are really the simplest gauge in the catalog. Check out this video to get up to speed on nearly everything there is know about fuel level gauges.