New Jeep JK Gauge Panel


Jeep JK 3 Gauge Panel (Model #8200)

The Jeep JK 3 Gauge Panel with Officially Licensed Jeep Gauges is built to withstand the punishment of hardcore off-roading. Specifically designed for 2007-2010 Jeep Wranglers, each panel includes an oil pressure, axle temperature and volt gauge. The 2 1/16” gauges feature a black face with bold white numbering and the Jeep logo, all surrounded by a chrome bezel. The mounting solution is made with high quality durable composite material, seamlessly integrating gauges into your vehicle with optimized positioning.

Whether on the road or the trails, keeping an eye on key vehicle parameters is critical for safety and longevity. The Jeep JK 3 Gauge Panel provides clear visibility to important data not provided on the factory cluster.

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Jeep JL CB Radio/Switch Panel (Model #5397)

CB radio and switches are essential for communication on the trail and management of accessories. The challenge many Jeep owners face is where to mount these while keeping a factory look. The new Jeep JL Panel from AutoMeter fits on top of the factory storage tray and holds a mini CB radio plus four switches. This mounting solution is easily installed with non-damaging 3M dual lock strips. The Jeep JL Panel (Model #5397) allows you to keep your CB radio and switches within an arm’s reach so that you can focus on the trail ahead.

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Jeep 60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge Model (Model #880805)

Whether on the trails or the road, maintaining the correct air pressure is critical for safety and tire longevity. The Jeep 60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge’s durable design and storage case is made to handle the demanding conditions of life off the beaten path while providing accurate measurement.

The Jeep 60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge features a 2.25” black dial with the Jeep logo. This instrument is fitted with 13.75” braided stainless steel lines, includes 360-degree swivel at each end for optimum articulation and valve stem access as well as a no-slip grip housing and a thumb-operated pressure bleed. Maintain proper tire pressure, potentially increase fuel economy, improve ride quality, and reduce the likelihood of tire punctures with the Jeep 60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauges.

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