Tire Pressure

You donʼt have to be a mechanic to understand how important proper air pressure in your verhicle's tires is for safety.  Underinflated tires or low tire pressure can pull to one side, feel squishy, and can compromise the rigidity of your tireʼs sidewall.  Overinflated tires or above maximum pressure can be dangerous as well, especially with summer performance tires.  Having too much air can affect your tireʼs grip, causing unexpected understeer at the worst times.  Either situation can subject your tire to uneven wear and tire failure, which drastically shortens the lifespan of your tire.  A tire air pressure gauge lets you check your car's tire pressure on the fly, without the need to visit a gas station or tire shop.

How important is a tire air pressure gauge?  Beyond safety, adjusting your car's tire pressure in off-road vehicles is key to overcoming stubborn obstacles or deep sand.  Airing down to get the correct tire pressure is very common practice, but how do you know exactly how much air to let out without an air gauge?  A tire pressure gauge shows the pressure reading so you can benchmark the perfect sweet spot for any terrain.

Whether you prefer a mechanical or digital gauge, AutoMeter offers a wide selection of tire air pressure gauges. Shop today.

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