Sergeant Scott Graham’s 1967 Plymouth Cuda Man and woman standing outside of police car lookalike LASD Motorsports car on the track LASD Motorsports car on the track

Down the Right Track with LASD Motorsports

LASD Motorsports is a program organized by Deputy Sheriffs from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that have a passion for fast vehicles and being involved within their communities. As Deputies, their goal is to be role models to all they come in contact with as they give messages concerning the dangers of abusing drugs, alcohol, gangs, and illegal street racing.

LASD Motorsports tries to show the positive opportunities that are available to all students if they obtain a good education and make good choices. Their various vehicles are great tools to get the attention of the youth in the communities. These are not the only things they use to teach the youth to make good decisions. They also try and show them that hard work and never giving up on something you want to do, or want to be, can be done. Over the past twenty-one years, the team has made thousands of appearances at schools, community events, and race tracks throughout the United States and Canada.

The race cars are completely funded by the Deputies and their sponsors.  No tax dollars are used to fund the program. AutoMeter has been involved in LASD Motorsports since the program was a concept twenty-one years ago.

Sergeant Scott Graham’s 1967 Plymouth Cuda

Best ET

  • 47 @ 162.5 MPH 1/4 mile
  • 28 @ 132.5 MPH 1/8 mile

Because no tax dollars are used to fund the programs, sponsorship is very important for LASD Motorsports. To learn more about LASD Motorsports, please visit, like them on Facebook or follow on Instagram.