The new Fuel Bridge from AutoMeter (Model #9109) allows you to easily install AutoMeter fuel level gauges in nearly any vehicle regardless of the resistance range. This product wires between any AutoMeter fuel level gauge and stock or aftermarket fuel level sending units. With its compact size (3-1/8” x 2-1/2” x ¾”), LED display, and easy three push button operation, the Fuel Bridge will be a breeze to install on just about any application.

The AutoMeter Fuel Bridge comes complete with a low fuel level warning indicator (via LED or relay) and is pre-programmed for the following resistance ranges: 240/33, 0/90, 0/30, 16/158, 73/10 (linear and non-linear), 10/180, and 40/250. A configurable option anywhere between 0-1000 ohms further expands compatibility.

The Fuel Bridge from AutoMeter is the ultimate fuel level gauge problem solver! Click here to shop now.