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Create Your Own Gauges in the AutoMeter Custom Shop

The first place someone’s eyes fall when looking into your car is the gauges. The one piece of the interior you spend the most time looking at is the instrument cluster. Done right, instruments can complement the character of your vehicle and tie it all together. You deserve a gauge set that is as unique as you and your car. The AutoMeter Custom Shop includes endless options customizing:

  • Dial Color
  • Font Style & Color
  • Ticking Style & Color
  • Retainer Color
  • Pointer Style & Color
  • Bezel Style & Color
  • Bezel Style & Color
  • Window
  • Flood Lightning
  • Add an Image or Number

Can’t decide which options will look best? The Custom Shop allows you to print the gauge kit in actual size and mock up how it will look in your car.

Every piece built in the AutoMeter Custom Shop is constructed to our highest standards using the same components you have trusted on dragstrips and racetracks for over fifty years.

Customize your own kit today.