1972-76 Duster/Dart/Scamp/Valiant InVision Digital Dash

Now is the time for all of the Mopar fans out there to come forward and take a look at what AutoMeter has for you in the InVision Digital Dash series. Our model #7009 is the perfect all-in-one direct fit solution for your 1972-76 non-Rallye Duster, Dart, Scamp, or Valiant dash.

AutoMeter’s InVision digital dash contains a wider than average LCD screen measuring 12.3” wide with high resolution imaging for easy viewing. Has four user selectable screens that allow you to effortlessly monitor the speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature, and volts all in one place. A panel mounted joystick allowing for easy adjustment of screens displays, alarms, theme colors and tachometer, speedometer and fuel level configuration. 

See firsthand what the InVision Dash has to offer! Check out our informative video that shares the features of modern instrumentation: 7009 AutoMeter InVision Digital Dash Plymouth A-Body.