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 Battery Testing:

Auto Meter’s series of microprocessor based testers utilize a dual testing technology for the best in class accurate and fast results. Auto Meter uses a combination of a patented Digital Pulse Load (DPL) to measure the batteries starting capacity, and a heavy load test (up to 160 Amps) to measure the batteries actual ability to deliver power and check for micro cracks in the batteries internal cell straps and connections.

Auto Meter’s series of carbon pile tests deliver up to 800 Amps of load to perform the industry wide accepted ½ CCA, 15 second load test as specified by leading industry experts, including Battery Council International (BCI), and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Starting System Testing:

Auto Meter’s starting system test utilizes a propriety method that produces accurate measurements of the starter current draw with only requiring that the tester be hooked up to the batteries positive and negative terminals. The tester takes multiple measurements of the battery utilizing its built in loads to measure the batteries voltage response to the applied loads. The tester then prompts the technician to start the engine. As the engine cranks, the tester monitors the batteries response to the starter current draw and displays the starter current draw. This is all done without the need of using an inductive current meter and disabling the engines ignition system to prevent the engine from starting. The tester then displays the starter current draw and the pass / fail result.

Charging System Test:

Auto Meter’s charging system test utilizes proprietary technology that eliminates the need to use an inductive current clamp, turning on vehicle loads, and holding the engine at a high speed. The tester automatically applies its internal 40 Amp loads incrementally for a total of up to 120 Amps when appropriate. The tester automatically tests the charging system voltage regulation (both low and high), and the alternator ripple voltage to evaluate the condition of the rectifier diodes. The tester will report the pass / fail results for the alternator current output, voltage regulation, and rectifier diodes.



Battery Charging:

Auto Meter’s battery charging utilizes algorithms that will safely charge Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. Auto Meter’s charge solutions include multi-station chargers with maintain mode to commercial chargers utilized constant current and constant voltage mode from 1 Amp to 80 Amps of continuous charge current. Our fast chargers monitor the batteries temperate to charge the battery as quickly as possible without over heating the battery.



As a performance instrument company first, Auto Meter's Test equipment instruments continue the legacy of providing a clear and concise readout in all testing conditions. Offering both analog and digital options , Auto Meter's Test division brings the performance and accuracy of high performance gauges to the Test product line giving you the exactly the precision you need that stands up to all environments.