What Is Sponsorship?

Quite simply, sponsorship is one of the forms of advertising that AutoMeter uses in order to showcase our products to the world. As with all forms of advertising, the amount that we spend on individual sponsorships is dictated by the amount of exposure we can expect and the number of products we can sell that we wouldn’t otherwise. It is a business arrangement between AutoMeter and the person or organization being sponsored and typically covers a 12 month period.

AutoMeter does not participate as a monetary sponsor, rather, we provide products or discounted products for the right builds in the markets we want to promote in.

What Does AutoMeter Look For When Sponsoring A Vehicle?

As stated before, ultimately, sponsorship is advertising and our goal is to sell more products by participating in builds. While we always want to see cutting edge, trend-setting vehicles built to the highest level of quality, exposure to the enthusiast public is critical. When reviewing a sponsorship proposal, we want to see who the builder is, what shop they represent and their history of building vehicles that grab attention. Awards or races won are an important consideration. We also want to see a solid event schedule. What are the exact events the vehicle will be participating in, what are the car and spectator counts for these events and does the vehicle receive special placement at the event? If you have other sponsors already, including this information as well as your point of contact within that organization will help your chances tremendously.

Media coverage goes a long way as well. If you have magazine, TV or web features on your vehicle booked, let us know where and which editors you’re working with. Having your vehicle in an article is nice, but including images of our products and information about them in the article is ideal.

Professionalism in your proposal is paramount as well. If you’re simply sending an email, it’s much less likely that your vehicle will be sponsored. The vast majority of vehicles that get sponsored are presented in a polished PDF (or similar document) and directly address the question of return on investment. We receive countless proposals every year. What makes your vehicle stand out? What do you do better than anyone else?

How Do I Apply?

Simply click the email link below and send us your proposal. We review every single proposal that comes through. Due to the huge amount of proposals we get, we, unfortunately, cannot respond to every request. We do not accept sponsorship proposals over the phone. Reviewing these is a process that involves a number of people within our organization, so they must be received in writing. Thank you so much for considering AutoMeter as a sponsor for your build, and best of luck!

Interested in becoming sponsored? Contact us at [email protected]

All car show and event sponsorship requests are sent to [email protected]