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A History at the Races

AutoMeter products come from a long line of racing history. When engines were becoming more powerful, in turn, they revved faster, created more heat, and demanded more out of the vehicle. Factory instruments were unable to keep up with the need of the racers. In 1957, AutoMeter was founded on the fastest, most accurate tachometer ever designed. Able to keep with the revs and provide unparalleled accuracy, the AutoMeter tachometer was widely accepted in the cockpits of the fastest race cars. Through the years, AutoMeter honed this technology to continuously improve all products, tachometers included. AutoMeter Products, Inc. is the worldwide leader in performance instrumentation with its tachometers, speedometers, and gauges used by professional and sportsmen racers around the world.

Through the Years

1957 – Vern Westberg founded AutoMeter in 1957. In the early days, Vern would pour sand castings in his family’s backyard, and his sons would help him assemble products in their basement at night.

1958 – AutoMeter tachometer kits were sold by mail order through popular publications. Some assembly required!

 – After receiving a large order for tachometers, AutoMeter was able to move production from Arlington Heights, IL to a new facility in Elgin, IL.

1961 – The first AutoMeter electrical system tester was released. This launched AutoMeter’s Test Equipment division that continues to this day.

1968 – Perhaps the most distinguishable component to the AutoMeter brand, the Super Bezel™ was launched on a tachometer with an adjustable redline pointer.

1969 – After seeing success in the automotive segment, AutoMeter expanded their tachometer line to include products for truck, marine, aircraft, motorcycle, karts, and industrial applications.

 – The first Rev-Control tachometer was released, allowing the user to adjust the vehicle’s redline to prevent over-revs.

 – The industry-leading Monster tach is released, setting the standard for accuracy, response time, and durability.

1977 – AutoMeter introduces a line of 2” auxiliary gauges, providing a comprehensive line of performance instrumentation.

1979 – AutoMeter moves to a larger production facility, located in Sycamore, IL. AutoMeter currently builds products in this very location to this day.

1982 – The iconic Sport-Comp (then simply named “Comp”) and Pro-Comp liquid filled gauges are released, setting the standard in performance instrumentation.

1994 – AutoMeter launches the wildly popular Ultra-Lite and Phantom series. The Ultra-Lite series was popularized from the reinforced composite case, which shed weight over the metal cases.

1996 – AutoMeter enters the world of serious racing with the launch of their first data acquisition system, available as a 17 channel or 34 channel logger.

2003 – Cobalt, the first LED through-dial lit gauges become available. This series improved nighttime visibility and offered improved accuracy with stepper motor options over the conventional air-core movements.

2007 – AutoMeter acquires STACK Ltd., whose roots are in Formula 1 instrumentation and are famous for their dash displays, data acquisition systems, and DVR solutions for motorsport, military, and industrial use.

2007 – AutoMeter acquires Dedenbear Products, a company renowned for throttle stops, delay boxes, and drag racing electronics.

2012 – AutoMeter expanded once again with the acquisition of ProParts LLC. Born on the high-speed ovals of NASCAR and refined on road courses and drag strips around the world, AutoMeter welcomes the ProParts Spek gauges into our ever-growing motorsports product line.

2014 – The AutoMeter Competition LCD Display provides the next evolution of driver communication and data acquisition. Full-color display and CAN integration provide flexibility and personalized layouts to each individual application.

2015 – AutoMeter and Palmer Performance establish a strategic partnership to develop OBDII related products. This technology is utilized in DashLink, DashControl, and AirDrive products.

2016 – The acquisition of the iEquus instrumentation brand allows AutoMeter to offer products to fit all budgets and builds.

2017 – DashLink AutoMeter’s first performance OBDII App is launched. Turn your Apple iOS or Android device into an advanced display and monitoring system.