What is a short sweep electric gauge?

In the dynamic world of automotive instrumentation, gauges play a crucial role by offering insights into the performance of your vehicle. Among the diverse range in the AutoMeter gauge line, we delve into the unique features of Short Sweep Electric (SSE) gauges in this series of blog posts.

Short Sweep Electric Gauges: Unveiling the Mechanics

In the heart of AutoMeter’s SSE gauges lies the proven air-core meter movement, a magnetic core with copper windings that responds to voltage changes. In simple terms, an electronic sending unit, adapting its resistance based on readings, regulates this movement. Unlike their counterparts, SSE gauges boast a shorter sweep—around 90º of rotation—setting them apart physically. Needle movement typically starts at 9 o’clock and reaches 3 o’clock at full scale.

Robust Design for Versatile Applications

AutoMeter’s SSE gauges are engineered for resilience. Custom-wound air-cores, crafted in-house in Sycamore, Illinois, are designed to withstand continuous vibrations and incidental shocks. Ideal for street and mild race applications, these gauges offer a durable and affordable solution.

Pointer Movement Dynamics

Unlike traditional mechanical gauges, SSE gauges lack a return spring or direct physical connection to the zero point. When power is removed, the pointer may not return to zero, providing an incredibly responsive and fast movement—a characteristic appreciated by enthusiasts. This is perfectly normal and not indicative of any failure.

Installation Tips: Grounding Matters

Accurate resistance measurements depend on a solid ground during installation. SSE gauges rely on the sending unit for grounding, emphasizing the importance of a good engine block ground point. An inadequate ground can lead to inaccurate readings, particularly with temperature gauges operating over a wide resistance scale.

AutoMeter’s SSE gauges, with their compact yet powerful design, stand as a testament to precision and reliability in automotive instrumentation. So whether you’re cruising the streets or hitting the track, the SSE gauges offer a reliable companion, capable of withstanding the rigors of continuous vibration and shock.

As we journey through the AutoMeter gauge line, stay tuned for our next installment, where we’ll delve into the realm of Full Sweep Mechanical (FSM) gauges, unraveling their distinctive features and applications.