Upgrade Your Classic Ride with AutoMeter’s Direct-Fit Dash Kits

If you own a classic performance car or truck and you’re upgrading the instrumentation, you know the delicate balance between preserving its authenticity and enjoying modern conveniences. When you’re ready to transform your vehicle, AutoMeter has the perfect solution for you – Direct-Fit Dash Kits. These kits are designed to upgrade the instrumentation on classic cars, making it easier than ever to monitor your vehicle’s performance.

Wide Compatibility

Replacement dash kits are available for over 60 different vehicle applications, spanning from the 1940s to the early 2000s. With more than 650 kit configurations available in our most popular hand-picked series, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your ride. 

All-in-One Convenience

Each kit includes essential components like our iconic track-tested gauges, a robust and durable instrument panel, universal wire harness, water/oil senders, vehicle speed sensor (VSS), three optional LED indicators (two green and one amber), and various fittings to complete the installation. This all-in-one approach simplifies the purchase process, as you receive everything you need in a single box, eliminating the need to search for individual parts.

Retains Factory Dash Integrity 

The beauty of AutoMeter’s Direct-Fit Dash Kits is that they are designed to utilize the factory mounting locations, meaning no cutting, drilling, or modifying your vehicle’s factory pieces.

Enhanced Features

These Direct-Fit Dash Kits are equipped with highly responsive and accurate electric air-core gauges, ensuring you always have precise information about your vehicle’s performance. They also include cutouts where applicable for factory accessory controls, air vents, and radios, ensuring you retain the essential features of your classic car’s interior.

At the end of the day, AutoMeter’s Direct-Fit Dash Kits are a fantastic choice for classic car enthusiasts looking to modernize their vehicle’s instrumentation. These kits offer wide compatibility, all-in-one convenience, variety of gauge designs, and an installation process that preserves your classic car’s authenticity. Upgrade your classic car with AutoMeter’s Direct-Fit Dash Kits and enjoy the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality.

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