The Ultimate Fully Automatic Handheld Battery & Electrical System Load Based Tester – AutoMeter BVA-360

Having trouble with dead car batteries and vehicle electrical system issues? Don’t fret, we’ve got the solution that will save you time, money, and stress! Our revolutionary handheld battery and electrical system tester will make obtaining your vehicles test results much easier than ever before. The integrated large full color touch screen optimizes the user interface with intuitive menu screens and fewer data inputs. The BVA-360 series tester is a battery and electrical system tester specifically engineered for the automotive and light truck market utilizing digital circuitry and patented Digital Pulse Load Technology (DPL) for true load results. 

This easy-to-use system is engineered specifically for all skill levels while collecting accurate data within only 60 seconds. The full system test receives data from the three main electrical components on the vehicles battery, starter, and alternator. With AMPNET, our optional Wi-Fi cloud-based data management solution real time monitoring of testing will be captured from all your location’s testing activities. Additionally, AMPNET will facilitate predictive maintenance, sales opportunities, identify training gaps, asset monitoring and security, and customer satisfaction. Test results can be printed at the tester or sent as an email or printed through AMPNET. 

Ensure your vehicle starts every time and avoid being stranded with our reliable handheld battery and electrical system tester, the AutoMeter BVA-360.