The Trusted and original Carbon Pile Battery Load Tester from AutoMeter

With over 60 years of manufacturing and field proven experience, AutoMeter has established itself as one of the most trusted manufacturers for Battery and Electrical Testing accuracy and reliability. The SB-5/2 has stood the test of time making it a trusted and reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Our SB-5/2 Variable Load Battery/Electrical System Tester is considered the “Hallmark of accuracy” taking the guesswork out of battery and electrical testing. 

An 800 Amp variable load dual carbon pile ensures accuracy during battery testing. This powerhouse of a device offers unrivaled accuracy and dependability ensuring that your battery testing is always ready to connect. The SB-5/2 is equipped with an automatic safety un-loader knob and fan cooling.

Feature Points:

  • Automatic safety un-loader knob.
  • Built in fan for superior cooling. 
  • Includes 15 second timer and fan override switch for cool down after testing.
  • Compatible with 6V and 12V batteries.
  • Battery CCA Range 100-1600.