Liftgate Preventative Maintenance & Diagnostic Testing

As a proud member of TMC and supporter of RP 179 (Liftgate Charging and Pump Motor Diagnostic and Maintenance Guidelines), Auto Meter is excited to announce the release of a Liftgate System Test that is performed using the BCT-468 load based electrical system diagnostic tool. 

Technicians can now use the BCT-468 to test and troubleshoot liftgate charging and motor circuits.  With user guided screens (including hook-up diagrams), technicians can accurately troubleshoot concerns and make the necessary repair to ensure optimal operation.

Preventative maintenance of liftgate circuits is a key piece with helping to minimize trailer downtime.  Being able to quickly identify and resolve a potential issue to avoid a liftgate system breakdown or loss of performance is critical to fleet maintenance operations.

With AMPNET, Auto Meter’s optional cloud-based data reporting software, all testing results from the BCT-468 are viewable in real time and stored for future review and/or predictive maintenance initiatives.

Provides total circuit voltage drop pass / fail result at typical real world circuit current levels. Also provides both positive and negative circuit voltage drops so the technician now where to start further troubleshooting and repair.

The liftgate system test provides the technician detailed lead hook diagrams for each step of the test.