Dave Darland of USAC Racing

September Racing Round Up

AutoMeter is proud to support racing across the country through contingency programs and other sponsorships. Here is a roundup of some recent winners:

Dave Darland – USAC Racing (Above)

Jeb Wise – USAC Racing

Jesse Love – Jacksonville Speedway, USAC Racing

Jake Neuman – Spoon Rivery Speedway, USAC Racing

Kyle Cummins – USAC Racing

Tanner Carrick – Macon Speedway, POWRi Racing

Austin Brown – Belle-Clair Speedway, POWRi Racing

Aaron Gee – Spring Fling Bracket Races

Jamie Holston – Spring Fling Bracket Races

Tom Dauber – Spring Fling Bracket Races

Justin Grant – USAC Racing

Jamie Holton – Spring Fling Bracket Races

Scotty Weir – USAC Racing

Just in Kay – Super National Winner