extreme environment gauge kit


Your UTV, ATV, or off-road vehicle treks through thick mud, sandy dunes, and deep puddles. Ensure your gauges don’t let you down when you need them most with the UTV Extreme Environment Three Gauge Kit. This kit includes water temperature, oil pressure and volt gauges housed in a universal gauge pod.

Mud and vibration are no problem for these gauges. They are 100% water resistant (IP69K certified), making them impervious to rain, mud, silt, and even a direct spray down with a pressure washer. This kit includes a wiring harness and Deutsch connector with each gauge as well as the water temp and oil pressure sending units.

At the heart of each gauge are race-proven digital stepper motor movements paired to data acquisition grade sensors offering exceptional response, precision, and durability. The Extreme Environment Gauges also include preset warning points that change the full gauge illumination from white to red. Upgrade your UTV instrumentation today with the UTV Extreme Environment Three Gauge Kit (Model #7060).