Autometer 1969 Chevy C-10

Michael Williams’ Chevy C10

Growing up, Michael Williams’ mom and stepdad owned a 1970 C20 camper edition. They would take him camping throughout his childhood and eventually taught him to drive it at the age of thirteen. His stepdad would let him drive the truck on the trails when they went hunting or had to take a load to the dump.  As he got older and got his license, he was allowed to drive the truck more and more.  To this day, he has very fond memories of that truck.

In 2014, Michael bought a 1969 Chevy C10 to use as a cruiser. He wanted something to throw his surfboards in the back of and head to the beach. Then, that all changed.

Michael saw Brandy and Rob’s PCHRODS C10R online and fell in love with it. In 2015, he met them at a Goodguy’s event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Brandy took him for a ride-along during one of her heats and that’s all it took. He knew he had to make his truck do what the C10R could do.

Michael began racing his long-bed and loved seeing people’s reaction when he would outrun a short bed. He was not the fastest, but he was definitely not the slowest. After a few years, he made several more upgrades to keep up with the competition.

Every time he gets into his truck, he has nothing but good feelings and memories from his past and he looks forward to many years ahead.

1969 Chevy C-10

  • Long bed converted to short bed
  • LS2 with Trickflow upper-end kit
  • Tremec T-56 magnum transmission
  • Baer brakes 14” front 6P, 13” rear SS4
  • Detroit Speed 595X front suspension
  • Ridetech rear suspension
  • Cobra race seats
  • US Mags 18X12 Rambler wheels
  • BFG Rival S 1.5 335/30/18 tires
  • Autofab-Fiberglass hood (Replica Eagle Ventures off-road hood)
  • PSC power steering
  • Centerforce DYAD clutch
  • Ron Davis radiator
  • Wilwood clutch/brake assembly
  • Spectre Air intake
  • Trackspec Motorsports hood vent
  • AutoMeter Ultra Lite II Speedometer – Model #4988
  • AutoMeter Ultra Lite II Tachometer – Model #4997
  • AutoMeter Ultra Lite II Oil Pressure Gauge – Model #4927
  • AutoMeter Ultra Lite II Fuel Pressure Gauge – Model #4963
  • AutoMeter Ultra Lite II Fuel Level Gauge – Model #4913
  • AutoMeter Ultra Lite II Voltmeter – Model #4992
  • AutoMeter Ultra Lite II Water Temp Gauge – Model #4937
  • AutoMeter Ultra Lite II Transmission Temp Gauge – Model #4949