AutoMeter is proud to support racing across the country through contingency programs and other sponsorships. Here is a roundup of some recent winners:

Chad Boespflug - USAC Racing (Shown Above)

Chris Borges - Spring Fling Bracket Races

Kenny Underwood - Spring Fling Bracket Races

Shane Carr - Spring Fling Bracket Races

Randy Kersey - West Cost Bracket Races

Bobby Dye Jr - West Cost Bracket Races

Stephanie Paz - West Cost Bracket Races

Rick Reynolds - West Cost Bracket Races

Logan Seavey - USAC Racing

KTJ - USAC Racing

Broc Brown - Contingency Connection, Evergreen Raceway

Jimmy Ayre - Contingency Connection, Evergreen Raceway

Steve Shultz - Contingency Connection, Evergreen Raceway

TJ Kapish - Contingency Connection, Evergreen Raceway

Michael McColligan - United States Touring Car Championship

Joe Brabham - Contingency Connection, Lost Creek Raceway

Dave Darland - USAC Racing

Chris Windom - USAC Racing

Bill Duty

Bill Duty - Contingency Connection, Kingsport Speedway

Bill Hardifer, Jr. - Contingency Connection, Numidia Dragway

George Smith - Contingency Connection, Numidia Dragway

Kevin Kohr - Contingency Connection, Numidia Dragway

Tanner Carrick - USAC Racing

Tony Gualda - Sprint Car Challenge Tour

Logan Seavey - POWRi Racing, Lincoln Speedway

Tim Kaeding - Sprint Car Challenge Tour, Placerville Speedway