The new race dash with water pressure channel readings Autometer race display kit Autometer race display kit

Introducing the New Race Dash with Water Pressure Channel

AutoMeter is pleased to introduce a new variation of our popular digital/analog racing displays with features that address the unique concerns of dirt and asphalt short track racing. This display allows racers to monitor RPM, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature, Carbureted Fuel Pressure, Battery Voltage, and an optional Water Pressure channel (with the purchase of a separate sensor) on a single, compact digital display. This dash is engineered to survive in the harshest racing environments with its water, dust, shock, and vibration proof design.

The signature analog pointer movement provides a quick and clear display for engine RPM, while the digital display screen layout is preconfigured with multiple layouts for your needs. Protect your investment with customized warning points including on screen text and illuminated alarm lights. With this race dash, you can record up to two hours’ worth of data with the ability to play back your run on the face of the dash display.

Buy the Race Display System with Water Pressure Channel today.