the E-POWER 800 Emergency Power/Jump Starter

Introducing the E-POWER 800 Power Pack: The Ultimate Handheld Jump Start Kit

AutoMeter is pleased to introduce the E-POWER 800 Emergency Power/Jump Starter. This versatile unit can jump start your car as well as charge your personal electronics and supply an emergency LED flashlight with SOS and strobe modes.

Whether you are driving long distances or on an off road adventure, the E-POWER 800 will provide peace of mind with no requirement for jumper cables or another vehicle. On a single charge, the E-POWER 800 can jump start your vehicle up to 20 times.

The E-POWER 800 comes in a lightweight, ergonomic handheld package. This jump start battery pack also charges any device with a USB port, such as a phone, computer, or tablet. The EP-800 jump starter is perfectly suited for auto, marine, power sports, and lawn tractor applications, among others.

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