Electronic Speedometer calibration made easy!

To calibrate your electronic speedometer:

With the power off, push and hold the calibration button (trip/reset button when equipped). While holding the button, start the vehicle and continue to hold the button until the pointer sweeps to full scale and stays at full scale. You may now release the button.
Drive to the beginning of a pre-marked 2 mile distance and come to a stop. It does not matter how far away it is to get to this pre-marked 2 mile distance. Do NOT shut the engine off. Push and release the button. The pointer will drop to half scale.

Drive the 2 mile distance. The pointer will remain at the half scale mark no matter what speed you drive. If the speedometer has a LCD display odometer, it will be normal to see it counting rapidly as it is receiving a speed signal. If you have to stop during the calibration, that is o.k.. The speedometer is simply counting pulses during this time.

At the end of the 2 mile distance, come to a complete stop and push and release the button. The pointer will drop to 0 and the calibration is stored. You are now finished.
Remember the accuracy of your 2 mile distance will directly affect the accuracy of your speedometer.