Do any AutoMeter tachometers work on an ATV, snowmobile, or lawn mower application?

AutoMeter tachometers are designed for a 12 volt DC electrical system with a negative ground. Snowmobiles and some powersports applications have charging systems that can see over 20 volts AC. This WILL damage the tachometer input circuit.

The AutoMeter tachometers are compatible with 12v square wave pulse tach signals. Some 5v square wave signals will work fine, but the tachometer will ideally see a 12v pulse signal to operate optimally.

Past the power and signal requirements, our automotive grade tachometers do not have the sealing that is required for snowmobile, ATV, or tractor applications. Dirt, dust, and moisture can make its way into the gauge and cause cascading problems with the circuitry.