Express Mail: Jordan Fisher’s Postal Jeep Built to Race

Postal Jeep

Jordan Fisher has been into anything with an engine his whole life. He started drag racing in 2016 with his 1979 Chevy Camaro that he restored and turned into a drag car with his dad. The car was originally his mom’s first car in high school.

After racing the Camaro for several years and dipping into the 7-second quarter-mile range, he knew he wanted to build something you don’t see at the race track every day. He found a 1973 Postal Jeep body and decided to go for it.

He started with just the body, which he picked up in Virginia. Then, he came home and put it in a 1979 Camaro subframe. He built everything off the subframe rear box tube frame. He also built a 7.50 cert chromoly cage. The engine is a big block Chevy 632c.i. backed with a Powerglide transmission and a Ford 9-inch rear with 40 spline gun drilled axles on 28×10.5 radials tires. Currently, he is running no time grudge racing.

1973 Postal Jeep

Engine: Big Block Chevy 632

Transmission: Powerglide 

Rear: Ford 9-inch 40 spline gun drilled axles

Rear tire: Mickey Thompson 28×10.5 radial

Chassis: 1979 Camaro subframe and custom back half with chromoly cage

Gauges: AutoMeter Tach, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, and Vacuum Gauges

Special thanks: Mom, Dad, Jillian, Kai, Brandon, Tommy, Cody, and anyone else who has played a roll or has supported Fisher Motorsports.

Photos by Jesse Williams, Upthesmokemg, and Gary Rowe at Raceworks

Postal Jeep
Postal Jeep
Postal Jeep
AutoMeter Gauges in Postal Jeep
Postal Jeep
Postal Jeep