Autometer DashLink II

DashLink II – Display AutoMeter Gauges on Your Mobile Device

DashLink II allows you to display the accuracy and precision of AutoMeter gauges on your smartphone or tablet in real time. With easy OBDII plug and play installation, advanced hardware and software will provide instant feedback on how your vehicle is performing from your Apple iOS or Android enabled device.

With DashLink II (Model #6036), the successor to the Dashlink ODB2 gauge display, it’s easy to determine what you want to see and customize the look of your virtual dashboard with an easy to use interface. You can data log and determine your 0-60 time, quarter-mile, horsepower, and braking performance. In real time, you can monitor your fuel economy and parameters that may not be available on the dashboard. From your phone or tablet, you can instantly read, diagnose and clear engine codes, and clear troublesome Check Engine lights.

New features include automatic data-logging when certain conditions are met (pedal position >50%, MAP above 60 kPa, etc.), GPS track mapping with line coloration by user selectable PID (instantaneous MPG, HP/torque, pedal position, etc.), alerts with sound when user set conditions are met, a link to Facebook to post results, and user selectable background colors.