Lauren Butler posing for a picture with her car

Behind the Scenes with Lauren Butler from Edlin Motorsports

Racing has been a part of Lauren Butler’s life as far as long as she can remember. She grew up a NASCAR fan and her dad took her to the local races at the Motordrome Speedway in West Newton, Pennsylvania on Friday nights.

When she was eleven, her dad bought her a go-kart to ride around at home. Then, he asked her if she wanted to give it a try on the track. This is what lit her fire to pursue racing even more. After over twenty wins on her go-kart, she decided she wanted to take things to the next level.

She began racing in the Allison Legacy Series, where the entry age was fourteen. The day before the season started, Lauren and her parents went to the Jennerstown Speedway for testing. It went well, so she decided to push the car and almost lost it coming off turn four. At this point, her dad told her, “Well, I guess we just bought a racecar”. Lauren spent the next few years learning and her best overall finish was third in points. The division was eventually canceled, so she debuted a late model in 2006. Unfortunately, an accident totaled the car and they were unable to continue in that division due to funding.

After that, they put her dad’s old street stock together and she settled into the street stock division. She has been there ever since. She has scored two wins with it and was close to winning the championship in 2008. Then, the Jennerstown Speedway closed. She went to the Motordrome Speedway, where she debuted a new street stock and won three feature races before that speedway closed down as well.

After five years being closed, the Jennerstown Speedway opened back up, where she tried for a championship and successfully won in 2017. During the 2017 season at Jennerstown Speedway, there was a race she battled her rival, Josh Cougenhour for position. Coming off of turn two, she was on the high side and he had the inside. He smacked her driver’s side door so hard that her right front wheel caught the barrier wall and she climbed the wall and rode it sideways the entire way and came back down on all four wheels. She still finished the race in third with a run on second place.

She then decided to try the Supercup Stock Series, a touring division up and down the east coast and nationally televised on MavTv.  This division is also recognized by NASCAR’s ARCA and K&N Series. Lauren now has nineteen years of racing experience and still competes in the Street Stock division at Jennerstown when she isn’t touring with the Supercup Stock Car Series.

Lauren Butler’s Notable Careers Highlights

  • First woman to win a championship at Jennerstown Speedway
  • First woman to win a championship under the RUSH Series banner during their inaugural year on asphalt
  • Outstanding Achievement Award for the RUSH Series
  • First woman to win the annual Bill Awtey Memorial Race at Jennerstown Speedway
  • 3 Top 10’s and 1 Top 5 in 2018 with the Super Cup on the limited races while underpowered

Lauren Butler’s 2014 Chevrolet Impala SS

  • Chevy Bowtie 358CI dry sump engine that produces 600HP
  • Chassis is a Predator chassis built by Benny Gordon (He was a top competitor/chassis builder during the 90’s Hooter’s Pro Cup series)
  • ATL Fuel System
  • Car Class – Weighs 3300 lbs
  • Single Adjustable Penske Shocks
  • Brembo 4 Piston Calibers in the Front and rear
  • Performance Friction Pads in Front and Rear
  • Tiger Quick Change Rear End
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Autometer Spek-Pro Gauges

Lauren would like to thank all of her sponsors that came back on board for the 2019 season, and to the fans that support and follow her.  As well as a very special thank you to her dad, who is her Crew Chief and to her mom, who handles all of the logistics that go along with keeping them in line and on time. You can find updates on Lauren and Edlin Motorsports at their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.