A custom Chevy Pickup done by PCHRods

Behind the Scenes at PCHRODS

In 2005, Rob Phillips was brought onto the set of Overhaulin’ to complete a single wiring job. Little did he know at the time, but this was just the beginning of his future with the show. Rob was given the title of Project Manager for the 2005 through 2007 seasons. Once Overhaulin’ ended (before it was brought back), Phillips decided to use his experience under Chip Foose and open his own shop in Long Beach, California. The high costs of living and build shops located on every corner made it hard for Phillips to expand his shop. This did not stop him from completing several builds that were showcased at SEMA from 2007-2010, including a 1970 El Camino, a 1967 Shelby GT500 Coupe and his own 1969 C10.

Graduating with a degree in Psychology and Social Behavior, Brandy Morrow Phillips started her career in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry with Spectre Performance in 2008. Brandy embarked on a new marketing program with the company, traveling across the country attending car shows to educate customers on new and current products. The program expanded in the Spring of 2009 as Brandy got behind the wheel of Spectre’s 1970 El Camino and hit the Goodguys Autocross in Nashville, Tennessee. The program continued throughout 2012 while Brandy raced several vehicles including a 1970 Mach 1 Mustang, a 1971 Camaro and the well-known 1970 Carbon Camaro.

In 2010, Rob and Brandy met at a Goodguys autocross event. While she raced the Spectre Performance 1970 Carbon Camaro, he took to the wheel of his 1969 C10. In 2013, Rob and Brandy settled down to start a family in addition to announcing the return of their Pro-Touring Performance Build Shop, better known as PCHRODS, INC.  The company would launch their return to the automotive industry with the unveiling of their first build, the PCHRODS C10R, in the Spectre Performance Booth at SEMA 2013.  This truck would not only revolutionize the pro-touring truck industry, but also the growth of their shop.

The popularity and success of the C10R grew the PCHRODS name into one of the most recognized pro-touring truck build shops across the country. As one of the pioneers of the pro-touring truck movement, Rob and Brandy continued to race their trucks at several pro-touring events including NMCA, SCCA, the Optima Series and the Goodguys Autocross Series. Before they knew it, the husband and wife team were receiving phone calls and emails regarding tips and techniques for those looking to build a pro-touring truck.

Today, Rob continues to improve the C10R, making it faster while continuing to get attention from others at the track. The truck’s success also brought business beyond the truck demographic.  Though PCHRODS remains a small build shop located in Orange County, California, Rob and Brandy are expanding their clientele beyond the pro-touring world to include various other automotive enthusiasts from high-end builds, motorsports, and expedition market.

Rob and Brandy Phillips are also actively involved in various other automotive initiatives outside the PCHRODS name. They continue to help grow their Automotivation Campaign, educating America’s youth about career opportunities in the automotive industry. The couple also writes and provides photographs for various automotive magazines including Street Trucks Magazine, C10 Builders Guide and The Fastest Street Car Magazine.

Rob and Brandy are both brand ambassador for several automotive aftermarket companies including K&N/Spectre Performance, AutoMeter, Centerforce Clutches, Detroit Speed and Engineering, Currie Enterprises, BFGoodrich and several others.

Shop Photos

Rob & Brandy

1969 C10

1969 Fifty50 Camaro

1971 Camaro

Foxbody Mustang

K5 Blazer

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