All New Quad Gauges and Tach/Speedo Combos Are Here!

Maximizing dashboard space doesn’t have to come at the expense of performance or quality. AutoMeter introduces a simple solution to an age-old problem with our latest 5” tachometer/speedometer combos and expanded quad gauges. Now you can reclaim valuable dashboard real estate without compromising on the unrivaled accuracy and performance that define AutoMeter’s quality products. 

Our quad gauges are built with precision in mind, offering you detailed insight into oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level and voltage with the simple flick of an eye. The intuitively constructed dial with its bold, easy-to-read artwork, and clear illumination ensures you are well informed during day or night rides. The 4 in 1 gauge design saves valuable real estate on your dash while allowing you to monitor critical parameters. 

The tach/speedo delivers a well-designed combination. With speed range up to either 120 or 160 mph and a tachometer that quickly and accurately reads your engine output from 0 to 8,000 RPM, the perfect combination for any adventure. Encompassing the same internals as their standalone products, these combo units save space without sacrificing response time or accuracy on your beloved ride. 

These quads and the tach/speedo combos can be purchased individually or paired together in kits. Choose from one of the many unique series:

  • Ultra Lite
  • Sport Comp
  • Phantom
  • Z-Series
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Designer Black
  • Arctic White
  • Old Tyme White
  • Old Tyme Black
  • Antique Beige

Drive with precision and ride with style.