Aaron Herzog's 1965 Mustang

Back in 1987, Aaron’s father, Scott, restored a 1966 Mustang gt350 fastback. This restoration created a special bond between the father and son and a love for Mustang cars. It was a dream of Aaron’s to restore a gt350 together with his dad, and for Aaron to be able to drive it. In 2019, during his senior year of high school, the unthinkable happened and his father passed away in his sleep. After that horrible time Aaron started to think to himself that he will never be able to build their dream car in his lifetime if he doesn’t do it now. It was either now or never.

Aaron began searching for one that was just like his father’s and in good shape for a restoration. It took longer than he thought it would, but he finally found the perfect one. He started taking it apart in June of 2019. His initial vision was to make the car identical to his father’s. His father liked his cars to have the stock look and never added anything special. Aaron felt the same way and that’s when he started researching Shelby Mustangs and went further into the “B Production” Mustang race cars and thought, “that would be cool to have!”

From then on, he found, bought, and has learned how to restore one himself. Aaron’s future plans are to use the car for road race, auto cross, and someday do top speed runs. He wants to add a full cage, lower it, and have it put out about 600 horsepower at 8000 rpm. That may not be for a while but he plans to achieve that!

With the inspiration of this car, it led him to start his own business doing fabrication work, rust repair and prevention, installing roll cages/bars, along with body and paint work on classics and modern day cars.

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