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 What is Digital Pulse Load (DPL) Technology?

In a nutshell, it's how we arrive at the fastest, easiest and most accurate testing available for batteries, starting and charging systems. This patented technology is exclusively found in AutoMeter's testers. Digital Pulse Load (DPL) Technology is a system utilized in our hand held and advanced bench top units, developed using the Battery Council International (BCI) endorsed variable load and hydrometer testing protocols, to digitally monitor voltage drop and recovery, or ripple. The ripple is amplified by the tester and is utilized as the diagnostic tool. The smaller the ripple detected, the higher the CCA capability of the battery. Following the pulse load, a full load is applied to the battery. A sophisticated algorithm then converts the input information of battery rating and temperature with the ripple response to determine battery performance. Additionally Advanced DPL protocol utilizes a significant load, which enhances the accuracy and simplifies our alternator testing process. Unlike other testing systems, AutoMeter's Advanced DPL Technology does not require the technician to apply an inconsistent load (i.e. turning the headlights or fan motor on and off) while testing the alternator, because it uses a known, consistent load.