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My Tach Doesn’t Go To Zero On Power Up?

Your AutoMeter tachometer should go to Zero when powered on with the engine off. *See Shift-Lite Tach exceptions below.

Please keep in mind that the tachometer does not necessarily go to, or stay at Zero when the power is off. If it does not go to zero with power on, engine off, please verify your power and ground connections and available voltage. If the problem persists, visit the Ask A Question or Contact Us pages to communicate with a Tech Department representative.

*Some shift light equipped tachometers will only go to Zero momentarily. The pointer will then indicate the shift light RPM trigger point. Other shift light equipped models will act or perform like the non-shift light equipped models. If you are unsure which type of shift light tachometer you have, please visit the Ask A Question or Contact Us pages to inquire about your product with our Tech Department.