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Introducing Auto Meter Nostalgia Series Five Gauge Mount for '55-'59 Chevrolet Truck


The dashboard design of the 55 - 59 Chevrolet "Task Force" trucks is regarded by many enthusiasts as one of the hallmarks of that generation of pickups. However, the nearly 60 year old original instruments are hardly up to today's standards. Whether you're working on a resto-mod or a full blown hot rod issues of installation and compatibility where newer performance engines and transmissions are concerned are likely to cause you some headaches. Historically the unique V-shaped opening of the original speedometer cowl in the dashboard made the upgrade to better aftermarket instruments a difficult task without disrupting the factory lines. Auto Meter has changed that with the introduction of their Nostalgia Series Five Gauge Mount. This replacement instrument mounting solution for the original speedometer opening allows fitment of your choice of a 3 3/8" Speedometer, Tach, or Tach/Speedo Combo and four additional 2 1/16" gauges. Specifically engineered brackets and replacement trim ensure Direct Fit mounting points to the dash structure and perfect gauge orientation. Specially designed black faceplate hides integrated LED turn signal and highbeam indicators until they're in use for a subtle appearance retaining functionality without the need to drill holes. The finished result has all the appearances of a factory installed option. Nostalgia Series Five Gauge Mount for 55 - 59 Chevrolet Truck are available now as part number 2208 from your local Auto Meter dealer.

Auto Meter gauges and optional black or silver carbon fiber look faceplates sold separately.