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PRESS RELEASE: Extreme Environment Series Now Available


Extreme Environment Gauges (EEG) advance upon AutoMeter’s decades of competition instrument expertise to optimize every design detail for use in the most demanding racing and off highway conditions. At the heart of each gauge are race-proven digital stepper motor movements paired to solid state laboratory grade sensors offering exceptional response, precision and accuracy with one-touch peak temperature gauge memory review (available through an optional external switch).

Integrated adjustable-brightness, LED backlighting with smart full dial color change digital alarm circuit ensures visibility in any lighting condition and enables each gauge to automatically alert the driver of critical conditions when preset conditions are reached or exceeded. Instrument internals are protected by exceptionally rugged yet featherweight 2 1/16 in. diameter composite cases featuring ultrasonically-welded construction and a weatherproof connector for a completely waterproof seal which renders them impervious to rain, mud, silt, and even a direct spray down after use! Spin-on speed brackets further reduce weight and installation times while unique multi-scale dials and low profile bezels improve resolution, reduce the need for traditional ‘clocking’ and improve driver viewing angles to provide for more diverse mounting options.

Optional EEG battery packs and chargers are available as an easy and lightweight solution for vehicles without a charging system. Each compact deep cycle AGM battery can provide power for up to 4 instruments of up to 5 hours of continuous operation.

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