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Data Acquisition - FAQs



Auto Meter Data Acquisition FAQs cover the most common problems with easy resolutions to get everything working like it should.
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  • I am looking to monitor more parameters than what the logger offers. What is my option?

    If all of the available input channels are used, Auto Meter offers model number ST26910, a 10 channel expansion module to accommodate users who wish to add additional sensors to any Auto Meter data acquisition system. More

  • Do engine & driveshaft RPM count as 2 of the 9 user definable channels?

    Yes the do count as 2 of the 9 channels. If you are using both of these sensors you will have 7 user definable channels if using the MFDL. More

  • Can the pulse count for the engine and driveshaft be changed?

    Yes the pulse count is user definable and set through the advance tab in Designer. More

  • Can sensors from old Data Logger be used?

    As long as the sensors are 0-5 volt they can be used with the new system. More

  • How much record time will I have?

    The recording time depends of how many channels you are monitoring and the sample rate set for each channel. The more channels and higher sample rate the less record time. Recording 9 channels at a 100 samples per second will leave you with 14 minutes of record time. More

  • Can multiple runs be recorded?

    The unit will continue to record as long as the is memory left. There is no set number of runs that can be recorded, if you have 14 minutes worth of record time and each recording last 30 seconds you can record 28 runs. The unit will stop recording when the memory is full and will not record data until the memory is cleared. More

  • What operating system can be used with the software?

    Windows XP service pack 3, Vista, 7 & 8. More

  • How does the unit download?

    The unit downloads through a USB port on the PC. More