What are common AutoMeter and gauge related acronyms?

ACC/ACCY Accessory – Typically in reference to key-on power.
AFR Air Fuel Ratio
BGD Bar Graph Display
BSPT British Standard Pipe Thread
COPO Central Office Production Order
DL Data Logger
DPIC Dynamic Perfomance Information Center
DPSS Digital Pro Shift System
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature – Same as Pyrometer
FSE Full Sweep Electric
FW Firmware
GND Ground
GPS Global Positioning Satellite
HPOP High Pressure Oil Pressure – Typically used by Ford as a measurement related to fuel pressure at the injectors.
I Ignition – This is found on the back of gauges, refers to key on power.
LED Light Emitting Diode
LFG Liquid Filled Gauge
LS Engine Family Code Assigned to New Design GM V8 Engines in 1997 (non-small block engine design)
MAG Magneto
MFDL Multi Functon Data Logger
MFR Manufacturer
MPH Miles Per Hour
NPT National Pipe Thread
OUT Output Circuit meant to drive select components that will accept a 5 volt square wave signal
PIC Programmable Interface Controller – Used for programming the Elite Series Pit Road Speed Tachometer
PPM Pulses Per Mile
PPR Pulse Per Revolution
PRNDL Park Reverse Neutral Drive Low / Gear Shift Indicator
PSI Pounds Per Square Inch
REV Revision
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
S Sender – This is found on the back of gauges
SIG Signal – This is found on the back of gauges
SSE Short Sweep Electric
Temp Temperature
VAC Vacuum