Incandescent vs. Through the Dial LED Lighting

AutoMeter instruments with Perimeter Incandescent Lighting utilize white light bulbs to spill soft light around the edges of the instrument dial and reflected off of a three dimensional pointer design for night time illumination that’s easy on the eyes. Red and Green bulb covers are included to allow you to customize the illumination color. If you’re looking for brighter light and more color with these instruments, check out our Replacement LED bulbs in the Accessories section. Available in Red, Green, Blue, & Amber, LED bulbs draw less current, produce brighter colored light, are more vibration resistant and are longer lasting than conventional bulbs.

AutoMeter instruments with through the dial & full dial LED Lighting feature bright, crisp, and distinctly illuminated numbers, increments, and a glowing lit pointer! Our Hi-Def style through the dial & full dial LED lighting is the brightest available, utilizing special composite dials, surface mount LEDs, and a patented lit pointer design to provide maximum visibility and readability day or night! Note: Check the Buyer’s Guide section to find out which gauge series have through the dial & full dial LED Lighting. Illumination colors are standard/unchangeable. LED replacement bulbs not compatible with through the dial & full dial LED lit designs. Elite, Spek Pro, and Nexus instruments feature 7 user selectable colors.