Do any cars require special tach calibration?

In some cases with newer vehicles such as Dodge and Ford V-10’s, tachometers will have to be specially calibrated at an additional charge. Contact our tech support department for more details.

‘ALL Dodge V-10 motors and Vipers (Need to be set for 2.5 and 5 pulse per rev, and also 5-volt square wave)

ALL Ford V-10 motors in either the trucks or vans up to ’98 (Need to be set for 2.5 and 5 pulse per rev)

Any vehicle that obtains a tach signal from the computer may possibly need to be recalibrated due to the 5V square wave that the computer produces. Always try the tach first before sending in for calibration, most times it works fine as is.

Any odd numbered cylinder vehicles such as 3, 5, etc.