Changing the bulb in an in dash, tachometer or speedometer

Over the years with the introduction of new model numbers, and changes in production, we have had various designs in lighting our in dash tachometers and speedometers. Please see below for some pictures on how to access your bulb for replacement.

You may use the following Automotive replacement bulbs in any of the above speedometers/tachometers.

161 (2.7 watt)
194 (3.8 watt)
168 (4.9 watt)

The AutoMeter replacement socket (for twist-in models, with plastic case) is model number 3220.

The AutoMeter replacement socket (for snap in models with metal case excluding the long extended version) is model number 3211.

If you have a gauge that has a black plug, you may begine by removing the black plug using a flat blade screwdriver or similar.

The light bulb connector can be found behind this plug. You may need needle nose pliers to easily turn the connector counterclockwise for removal.

Older style gauges may have a metal bulb connector. This simply pops out using a flat blade screwdriver.

You then have easy access to the bulb for replacement.

The twist-in light bulb connectors will simply twist counterclockwise for removal.

Most recent metal cased gauges will have a plastic bulb connector. This simply snaps out for access to the bulb.