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8 Ch Sensor Expansion, 4 Ch EGT, 'EGT B'

8 Ch Sensor Expansion, 4 Ch EGT, 'EGT B'

Product # ST269613

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Thermocouple Amplifier, Type K, 4 Ch, 0ºC to 1,100ºC, 'EGT B'

Sensor Inputs

  • 8

Feature Points

  • Expand and monitor EGTs without taking up valuable analog Inputs on your data acquisition system
  • Ultra fast CAN communication provides zero latency data transfer of information
  • Autosport (AS) connector, Deutsch (DT), and Mini Sure Seal (MSS) harness connections provide a positive lock connection and ensures reliable performance
  • High number of mating cycles meets the demands required in professional motorsport applications
  • Lightweight design saves valuable mass, providing an edge against the competition
  • 8 channels - Four dedicated EGT inputs and four 0-5v inputs

Wire Harness

  • Yes

California Prop 65 Warning