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Silver DPSS Tube, Level 3

Silver DPSS Tube, Level 3

Product # 5351

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Tube-style shift light, w/ innovative AIM swivel mount. Features 5 programmable shift points including Launch Lite, progressive shift, playback, digital RPM display, compatible with .5-6 pulse ignition signals (1-12 cyl engines), and 7 color shift light. This product features 90 seconds of engine RPM playback memory. Replay using the digital display or connect to a standard Auto Meter tachometer to playback engine RPM on the tachometer dial.

Total Recording Channels

  • 1

Feature Points

  • Operates on most 1-12 cylinder engines with 12V electronic ignitions. Some applications may require 9117 tach adapter.
  • Four-Stage Shift-Lite.
  • Seven color LED lighting.
  • Peak recall/memory
  • Launch Lite Feature for precise launch RPM with minimal driver distraction.
  • Progressive Shift Light Technology warns of approaching shift and over rev.
  • Engine RPM Playback Memory 80secs. Connect to standard tachometer for full dial playback.

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