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Drag Logger DataPro Analysis Software
DataPro Analysis Software comes standard with Ultra-Lite Pro Data Acquisition Systems and the Pro-Comp Pro MFDL. Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista equipped computers.

Download Now: Auto Meter DataPro v5.9

Click on the images to see more details!

DataPro Run Manager allows you to organize and search historic run data quickly and easily.

Sort recorded data by track and record important information about track and vehicle setup conditions for later reference utilizing the Logbook feature. Recorded runs are time and data stamped when they are recorded rather than when they are downloaded, so that you know which pass was which event if you don't have time to download your data between runs.
DataPro Designer makes setting up your new system or changing / adding sensor channels simple with Drag and Drop functionality. Locate the sensor you've plugged into the system from the menu on the left, drag it onto the input channel that matches the sensor's cable connection location, drop it in the box for that location, select a channel name from the drop down menu and you're done!
Revolutionary DataPro software now allows you to view data based on distance or time. See exactly when and where a particular condition occurred during your run. Compare runs based on these two analysis formats for a more complete understanding of how vehicle setup and track conditions affect your performance.

Note for the sample setup shown in this picture, that the available recording time for the system is in excess of 14 minutes!

Get the most out of your system and time at the track by dialing in your channel sample rates. Sampling rates are user selectable up to 200 Hz (samples per second), per channel. DataPro Designer instantly informs you of how your choices impact your available recording time.
Personalize your Auto Meter DataPro software to suit your specific needs. View as much or as little data as your analysis requires, and compare data channels in groups that make sense when viewed together. Create custom layouts that show you the data that you want in the format that you want to see it.
Utilize DataPro Designer software to customize alarms and recording triggers specific to your vehicle. Dial in the visual warning for your Ultra-Lite Pro or Pro-Comp Pro CAN gauges or your MFDL, and then gate them to prevent false warnings. A gate is simply another qualification that has to occur when the alarm parameter is reached in order to trigger the alert. Example: A low oil pressure alarm by itself will trigger whenever oil pressure is below the alarm point, even when the engine is not running. To remove this false alarm and make the alert system mean more to the driver, add an engine RPM gate equal to your engine idle speed. Now you'll only receive a low oil pressure alert when both the engine is running an the oil pressure is low!

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