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Software Requirements Includes / Details Product #
Data Facts Pro CD-ROM Drive, Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Millennium, or XP. Included with 17 and 34 channel Data Loggers. Software is sent on CD -

Time Interval Markers
When time slip data is entered into the logbook, the split times are automatically calculated and displayed next to the interval times. These track intervals will then be displayed on the graph as well. This enables the crew to make decisions based on what is happening at given points on the track. It also saves time for those racers already tuning to interval and split times since they no longer are required to "do the math" after each run. See The Racer Log-Book below.

The Run Overlay Function
The Data-Facts ProTM software package gives you more control of your race data than thought possible. View one data graph or overlay two for detailed comparison. Any combination of data graphs can be analyzed to help make critical changes in your car’s set up. The New Compare feature automatically calculates the difference between graphs or data from runs 1 & 2 for detailed analysis between two runs. Engine RPM, driveshaft RPM, and accelerometer (G-meter) can be graphed together for comparison to highlight converter or clutch slippage or tire spin. Run Overlay also enables you to compare runs for improvements in consistency.

The Racer Log-Book
The Data-Facts ProTM software offers the ability to store and retrieve racing data in a “Racing Log Book”. It is also possible to import existing paper logbooks into the data base. Once the race data has been recorded in the log book, the information will be saved in the order that it has been entered. After runs have been recorded they can be retrieved automatically using the log book search "engine". This enables you to search for past runs by one or up to 18 different categories such as corrected altitude, E.T.’s, MPH, track location, date, and more. As runs are retrieved, important set-up information can be viewed or graphed to assist in making engine and chassis adjustments.
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