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BVA-200s; Professional Grade Intelligent Hand Held Electrical System Analyzer For 6V & 12 Applications

BVA-200s; Professional Grade Intelligent Hand Held Electrical System Analyzer For 6V & 12 Applications

Product # BVA-200S

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The BVA-200s is a durable hand held battery and electrical system tester with an on-board 120 amp load for heavy use in a professional shop environment. This tester comes with a rugged anodized aluminum housing, rubber hand grip, and 6 gauge leads with heavy duty clamps. Performs a complete electrical system test in 82 seconds!

Feature Points

  • Tests 6V and 12V flooded and AGM batteries rated between 100-1600 CCA or 10-265 AH. Tests starting/charging circuits, discharged batteries, and detects bad cells.
  • Automatically stores results of last 150 completed tests for easy review. Wirelessly communicates to optional test results printer via infrared or outputs to PC via AC-12 cable.
  • Unlike competitor models, AutoMeter testers only require a single technician to run a full electrical system test due to our on-board 120 amp True Load cell. This eliminates the need to apply inconsistent loads, such as headlights, fans, etc. which makes
  • English and Spanish language menus and test results.
  • Charging system test results measure alternator current output, voltage regulation, and diode ripple delivering a pass or fail result.
  • Advanced Digital Pulse Load (DPL) technology - patented test process and algorithm allowing operators of this product to rapidly measure a battery’s ability to provide adequate cranking power necessary to start the vehicle without the need for time consum
  • True-Load – This AutoMeter equipment is unique compared with other products on the market in that this tester has the ability to apply a known significant load (True-Load) directly through the tester connections allowing for a more rapid and accurate test
  • 16 Gauge, 20" leads with professional grade clamps that are easily field serviceable
  • Intuitive menu driven operation, transmitted via backlit LCD screen for ease of use.

California Prop 65 Warning