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Product # BT-600

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The BT-600 Wireless Battery System tester allows the user to run battery, starter and charging tests from inside the vehicle or while the vehicle is driving. The wireless BT-600 is also ideal for testing hard to reach batteries and battery systems in trucks and marine applications. With remote distances up to 50 feet, shop owners can show customers in the waiting room real test time data on the display.

Test data can be printed out using the USB adapter using the Windows software program or to an Infrared printer.

The BT-600 wireless tests all 6V, 12V & 24V lead acid batteries individually or in parallel and series battery packs. The tester displays the battery or battery pack condition as % available capacity, rated capacity (i.e. CCA’s), state of charge voltage and good or replace status. The BT-600 also tests 6/12/24/36V starter and charging systems including starter draw, alternator and regulator output (loaded/unloaded), and diode ripple. The test data for the last test performed is stored in the memory and can be reviewed either when connected to a battery, or when disconnected from the battery at a later time. This tester also features a two line, 16-character LCD with English, Spanish, French and German languages display option. Printout of test data can be user programmed to include date and shop name. Can be used with IR printers with IrDA or HP protocol or with optional IR to USB adapter. Carrying case included.

The USB adapter wireless (IR) transmits wirelessly from the BT-600 to allow the user to print or display the battery system data stored in the BT-600 using a PC and printer. Simply install the CD Windows program and connect the USB cable to your PC. The printout can be attached to the customer’s invoice as a backup showing the repairs or replacements required for the job.


Feature Points

  • Battery condition is shown in percentage of capacity.
  • 50 CCA to 1700 CCA range (individual). Up to 3500 CCA (parallel)
  • Tests 6/12/24/36V charging and starting voltages
  • Tests 42V Mild Hybrid Starter/Charging Systems
  • Tests 6/12/24V batteries
  • Displays real-time alternator output voltage. Alternator Ripple Test
  • Displays low voltage: charging is necessary.
  • Bad cell is detected and displayed.
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Made in USA

California Prop 65 Warning